Water-borne hard-nano-spheres to enhance the surface performance of water-borne coatings

The presentation will describe a study on the efficient use of waterborne (WB) polymeric nano-hard-spheres to improve properties of WB coatings such as: early hardness, blocking and resistance to fat. Initially, the special synthesis process employed to prepare these kind of WB nano-hard-spheres is going to be discussed. Afterwards, the blending process with different commercial decorative WB binders will be evaluated as well (in combination with analysis of the colloidal stability of these bimodal systems). Finally, the application performance of different clear coatings formulated with these binder systems will be shown. Results showed that the implementation of this WB technology enhanced the performance of the systems evaluated for decorative and industrial purposes.
Duration: 27:15
Speaker: Silfredo Javier Bohorquez
Company: Nuplex
Conference: European Coatings CONFERENCE
Session: Decorative Coatings
Location: Düsseldorf
Date: 22.06.2015