Value chain sustainability benefits of specialized TiO2 pigments for flat and low sheen paints

Hiding is a key performance factor of architectural paints. Compared to universal TiO2 pigments designed for use in diverse paint applications, TiO2 pigments specialized for flat paints can deliver up to 20% better hiding. Paint producers have the choice to exploit this advantage to reformulate flat paints for better hiding power at constant TiO2 content or for optimized TiO2 consumption at comparable paint performance. This talk will review a comprehensive, third party validated life cycle assessment that demonstrates, for both reformulation options, how specialized TiO2 pigments can lead to significant reductions in the environmental footprint of flat paints throughout the value chain. Integrated formulation tools help to quantify these tangible sustainability benefits in terms of paint performance, ingredient efficiency and environmental impact over the entire paint life cycle.
Duration: 23:10
Speaker: Dr. Johan Rommens
Company: Chemours International Operations
Conference: European Coatings CONFERENCE
Session: Decorative Coatings
Location: Düsseldorf
Date: 23.06.2015