Unlimited possibilities for scratch resistant coatings

The "Vestanat EP-M" range is a family of silane/urethane-hybrid crosslinkers to generate multifunctional, scratch resistant coatings applicable on a variety of substrates. Due to specific modifications curing even at ambient temperature is possible. These crosslinkers and binders can be used in automotive OEM interior/exterior applications and on manifold substrates such as wood, plastic and metals or glass etc.. This technology enables high performance NISO-coatings even exceeding PUR performance. But also "traditional" 2K-PUR coatings can be improved significantly in scratch. Furthermore the technology platform offers the possibility, with the right molecular design, to add in the future additional coating parameters in addition.
Duration: 21:07
Speaker: Tobias Unkelhäußer
Company: Evonik Industries
Conference: European Coatings CONFERENCE - Automotive coatings
Location: Düsseldorf
Date: 24.09.2015