Undesired green - Microbiological Growth on facades

To deliver on the goals of the Green Deal within the framework of the circular economy and a sustainable product policy, it is important that the service live of façade paints should be as long as possible. This encompasses that the façade retains its desired appearance. However, microbial infestation by fungi and algea can be interfering with this goal. Apart from constructive measures, one possible remedy is the use of dry-film preservatives. However, in the course of the systematic re-evaluation of all biocidal active substances it is expected that the number of useable actives for PT7 will dramatically reduce, which leads to ecological and economic consequences. In this talk the reasons for microbiological growth and different possibilities of preventing it will be discussed, with a focus on the regulatory situation of the dry-film preservatives.
Duration: 24:40
Speaker: Dr Christoph Walter
Company: German Paint and Printing Ink Association (VdL)
Conference: EC WebForum Preservation
Date: 27.04.2021