Transition from conventional to modern coating manufacturing processes

Systematic change from traditional formulations concepts towards modern modular based working procedures is the challenge in modernizing processes in inks and coatings manufacturing. Change management and consistent review of those in the production of coatings and inks is often done by increasing the capacities with the need of a detailed planning based on market data. In the lecture the whole process from market data collection and evaluation, project descriptions and execution will be presented and opening the discussion on that. The needed change in the formulation structure provides possibilities to reduce process costs and become highly more competitive. Various examples will be shown and of continuous change in the coatings industry, necessary steps will be shown to control costs and improve competitiveness in future.
Duration: 01:36:16
Speaker: EC-TechForum-Optimizing-2019-10-15-TMC-Kother.mp4
Company: TMC
Conference: EC Technolgy Forum Optimizing
Location: Verlin
Date: 14.10.2019