Titanium Dioxide is needed - get the most out of it

Since Titanium Dioxide became available on an industrial scale about 100 years ago, it became indispensable for the formulation of modern coating systems. Due to its unique physical properties, TiO2 is the basis for virtually all colors in paints (95% of RAL colors contain TiO2!), providing the required opacity and, well stabilized, also UV protection. Especially in the past years, the Titanium Dioxide industry underwent significant changes and the market became extremely cyclic, partially leading to availability problems. This presentation provides examples of how TiO2 can be used more efficiently form the perspective of a TiO2 producer - including special products that provide an optimized distribution of the pigment in paints. Using these products in combination with other formulation strategies can lead to significant price/performance optimizations especially of waterborne paints above the CPVC.
Duration: 26:49
Speaker: Dr. Uwe Wilkenhöhner
Company: Kronos
Conference: European Coatings TiO2-Forum Berlin
Location: Berlin
Date: 10.01.2018