The Smart Paint Factory exemplified by the coatings lab: from routine treadmill to smart troubleshooter

The possibilities to automatize the processes of the paint factory of the future with the help of digital tools are ever increasing. While still being just buzzwords in some areas, there are nevertheless concrete examples available. Based on these, lab technicians and paint chemists can start thinking about how their jobs will look like in the years to come. In our presentation, we want to demonstrate how that might look like by giving some examples. We will show how an automated environment for commercially available instruments will enable the automatization of routine measurements such as gloss, color, layer thickness etc. Another example demonstrates the automated, non-destructive measurement of corrosion test panels
Duration: 27:43
Speaker: Dr. Ulf Stalmach
Company: Orontec
Conference: EC Conference Automation
Location: Esslingen
Date: 21.06.2022