The blurring boundaries between coatings and adhesives & sealants

Every coating is at least a one-side adhesive to stick to the substrate to be coated, and a pigmented adhesive could easily take over typical coating functionalities. Fact is also that the boundaries between these two categories are constantly blurring, with multi-functional coatings and likewise multifunctional adhesives permanently widening the overlap. Aiming at reducing costly manufacturing steps in industrial assembly, for instance, without sacrifice in quality, also aiming at rationalizations and automations, the presentation will not only shed light on status and future of the on-going trend, it will also illustrate this phenomenon with a number of practical examples. Here main focus will be given to A&S and their growing role on classic coating domains. Without further details the presentation will cover as well thatadhesives and sealant take over classic roles of printing inks, of potting and injection resins, and solder materials - most of these also chemically related categories.
Duration: 25:58
Speaker: Dr. Jürgen Wegner
Company: ChemQuest Europe
Conference: European Coatings Show Conference
Session: Session 13: Adhesives & sealants
Location: Nürnberg
Date: 04.04.2017