Sustainable emulsifiers - meeting market trends with high performance products

Contributing to a more sustainable future has become a common target of chemical sectors and demands high level of environmental and social responsibility along the entire industry value chain. Our customers continuously look for innovative solutions that help them contribute to sustainability without having to compromise on performance. Therefore, BASF has embedded sustainability in its corporate purpose: "We create chemistry for a sustainable future." This ambition is directly linked to a number of factors: - Growing customer needs to differentiate with sustainability; - New regualtins and standards in value chains, - Changing societal and business environments propting demand for sustainalbe products. For emulsifiers, this translates into sourcing renewable raw materials from sustainable sources, providing transparency for downstream users and labels while ensuring superior product performance. When assessing the biobased content of a product, the preliminary European norm prEN17035 offers consistent and transparent definition and segmentation of surfactants. However, performance of biobased surfactants is not determined by the source of the raw materials but by their chemical structures. In this workshop, sustainable emulsifiers with superior performance in water-based binder systems along with an approach of how a balance can be achieved between corporate ambitions, technical requirements and economic feasibility will be presented and discussed.
Duration: 59:46
Speaker: Dr. Christian Hubert Weidl & Anne Forst, BASF
Company: BASF
Conference: EC TechForum Bio-based Coatings
Date: 06.10.2020