Sustainable bio-based emulsifiers for alkyd resin emulsions

EU's chemical strategy aims to better protect citizens and the environment leading to an increased demand for sustainable products in the chemical industry including coatings. Alkyd-resin based coatings are a widely used coating system and comprise of alkyd-resin polymers that are up to 70% bio-based due to the use of natural building blocks. Substituting further the petrochemical based diacid with a bio-based one would lead to 100% bio-based alkyd-resin polymers. A clear trend in the market is to move away from the currently dominating solvent borne alkyd-resin based formulations to water borne formulations avoiding VOC and meeting stringent regulations. Emulsifiers play a key role in achieving emulsion stability of aqueous alkyd-resin formulations and these originating from bio renewable source can justify a 100% bio-based claim on these emulsions. Successful use of such bio-based emulsifiers in aqueous alkyd-resin emulsions answering sustainability needs from the consumer will be illustrated.
Duration: 20:54
Speaker: Dr Christian Weidl
Company: BASF
Conference: European Coatings Show Conference 2021 virtual
Session: Novel materials
Date: 13.09.2021