Sustainability in the field of coating additives

In order to be also leading in sustainable additives and for further reduction of CO2 footprint, BYK is using different innovative approaches in R&D. For development of sustainable products, known building blocks from renewable resources but also new bio-based building blocks are investigated. Furthermore, biomolecules like proteins are tested regarding their effect as additives. New sustainable production processes, like biocatalysis, are implemented. Biocatalysis uses less energy, has less by-products or can even produce substances which are impossible to synthesize chemically. Additionally, in order to cover all emerging topics regarding sustainability, the team of the R&D-group for biotechnology, with their specific biotech background, supports colleagues from R&D during development of new products and also colleagues from sales regarding bio-related requests.
Duration: 25:55
Speaker: Dr. Tina Radespiel
Company: Byk
Conference: EC TechForum Bio-based Coatings