Some (engineers) like it hot - Advanced thermal mapping using novel temperature memory paints and coatings

Thermal management of critical components in the hot sections of jet engines, power generation gas turbines and internal combustion engines is crucial to the development of more efficient engines and thereby to the delivery of the industry's ambitious emissions reductions targets. To date there are no methods available providing component temperature mapping without data gaps, without REACH restrictions and without commercial restrictions. SCS is developing a thermal history technology for use in extreme environments in a temperature range from 150°C to 1400°C (and possibly beyond). This patented technology comprises luminescent sensor paints and coatings with a memory that records the temperature to which they have been exposed so that it can be read out off-line after operation. The paper will provide a high level overview about the different technology aspects and will show some application scenarios on engine components to date. The paper will finish with an outlook into further developments and other potential application areas other than temperature detection.
Duration: 29:18
Speaker: Dr. Jörg Feist
Company: Sensor Coating Systems
Conference: Future Dialogue
Location: Berlin
Date: 22.11.2017