Smart coating systems and painting technology by Industry 4.0

Most important driver for the so-called " industry 4.0" in industrial production - so also in painting - are new demands by the clients: short reaction times, high number of variants and low lot sizes. In addition, resource efficiency is an important motivation in this context. The »smart factory«, the goal of industry 4.0, faces these demands. Intelligent machines, tools, work pieces but also orders communicate as cyber physical systems. In smart painting facilities, four elements of the cyber physical system are important: - Sensors (»transparent facility«) for real time data acquisition of process and quality data -IT (»Intelligent facility«) to interpretated automatically the complex interactions in the data - Interacted processes and facilities (»Decentralized«) to link product, process and environment with the goal of self-organization - Automated Reaction (»Smart Factory«) to close control loops and automated reactions on clients demands and environment The presentation will give examples for implementation of the concepts in paint industry as well as in paint application. E.g. a »self-programming paint booth« will be described and a control loop for color management. Also as a key-tool, the example of the structure of the film - modeled with a fluid dynamical approach (s figure) - will describe the step towards the numerical alculation of a painted film.
Duration: 23:12
Speaker: Dr. Oliver Tiedje
Company: Fraunhofer IPA
Conference: European Coatings Show Conference
Session: Session 7: Production technology
Location: Nürnberg
Date: 03.04.2017