Shellac - a versatile natural polymer for coatings

Shellac, the only commercially used insect resin fits perfectly into the concept of GREEN CHEMISTRY and renewable, biodegradable natural resins and film formers for coating applications. Shellac is an excellent film former and has a very good adhesion on many surfaces. High gloss, a good surface hardness and an excellent UV resistance are important properties of this natural polymer. Shellac films are also resistant against hydrocarbons. A very low water vapour and oxygen permeability as well as a good compatibility with other polymers and additives make shellac an interesting binder and coating resin. It is a food grade polymer (E 904 in Europe) and used for the coating of children's toys. Today, mainly aqueous shellac solutions are used for coatings on plastic, aluminium and cellulose films as well as for dielectric coatings in organic electronics. The surface coating of wood, paper and cardboards are also interesting applications for aqueous solutions from this versatile Biopolymer - SHELLAC.
Duration: 31:47
Speaker: Manfred Penning
Company: Shellac Counsult
Conference: EC TechForum Bio-based Coatings