Self-leveling flooring compounds solutions customized to the region

Self levelling compound formulation for hot & humid region development project. Objectives: ? To determine which are the key parameters for designing Self Levelling Underlayment adapted to specific climate conditions in hot climatic conditions. ? To provide the drymix manufacturers with orientation mix design and rules for convenient design. Project Summary and Results, we worked out in different design of the formulations: ? OPC-rich mix-design based on local raw material ? CAC-rich mix-design based on local raw material The first challenge is to ensure the optimal hydration in Gulf climate with high temperature and humidity conditions where the absorption and evaporation need to be tamed by the optimal choice of the binder composition.The maximum average temperature in Dubai is 40-45°C in August, but it can sometimes reach nearly 50°C. At such high temperatures, a specific SLU formulation development is needed, standard SLU formulation leading to a very short setting time.
Duration: 18:24
Speaker: Mohammed Sanaobar
Company: Construction Polymers
Conference: European Coatings Congress
Session: Construction chemicals II
Location: Nürnberg
Date: 21.04.2015