Removal of coatings from plastic substrates

While the plastic recycling rate has increased in recent years, only about 30% of the material collected is recycled today, the remaining being treated with non-circular solutions (landfill and incineration). This recycling rate is too modest taking into consideration targets sets by EU regulations such as Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Directive 2012/19/EU). Plastic product manufacturers are reluctant to incorporate high rates of recycled materials due to concerns on deteriorated properties and impact on aesthetics. In the European H2020 project DECOAT research is being done to remove coatings and paints from plastics substrates enabling a techno-economically reliable, environmentally sustainable and cost effective recycling process. The project is fully aligned with Circular Economy approach as the aim is to deliver recycled thermoplastic resins as secondary materials to be reused in the same application for closing the loop.
Duration: 23:11
Speaker: Vicent Martinez
Company: Aimplas
Conference: European Coatings Show Conference 2021 virtual
Session: Project DECOAT
Date: 12.09.2021