Preservatives in the crosshairs of regulation - What does this mean in practice?

Reductions of waste levels or increases in product lifetime for paints and coating products are impossible to imagine without the use of in-can preservatives and film protection agents. Whether a DIY hobbyist, commercial, or industrial user - nobody wants microbial growth in their paint can. On the flip side, biocidal active ingredients in this area often have questionable properties, with classifications as allergens or as harmful to the environment. This has led to the EU establishing strict legislation for the use of in-can and dry-film preservatives. This presentation will give an overview of the status of the active substance evaluations, followed by an analysis of what the restrictions mean for the use of preservatives in paints and varnishes and what limitations can be imposed on labels, including the consequences for end-users.
Duration: 23:21
Speaker: Gabi Büttner
Company: Umco
Conference: EC WebForum Preservation
Date: 28.04.2021