Orange & Yellow Tin Pigments - Structural & Performance Attributes

Within the last few years significant developments in high-chroma orange and yellow pigments, based on solid-state tin chemistry, have reached commercial status. There are currently three commercial suppliers of orange shaded tin pigments, and one supplier of a new (patented) yellow tin pigment. This paper seeks to provide users with an understanding of the mechanism of coloration within these new classes of pigment. Structural and compositional differences and similarities will be outlined. The range of shades achievable and the applications in which these pigments are best suited shall be described. Particular emphasis will be placed on the replacement of 'heavy-metal' containing pigments, or use in 'chrome-free' systems.
Duration: 25:02
Speaker: Dr. Simon K. Boocock
Company: The Shepherd Color Company
Conference: European Coatings CONGRESS
Session: Pigments
Location: Nürnberg
Date: 20.04.2015