Optimization of TiO2 pigment distribution based on colloidal interactions

Empirical optimization of TiO2 utilization is time-consuming and difficult due to the complex interactions taking place that are involving basically all major paint components. The optimization of those interactions allows paint formulators to control nanoscale structure formation by pigment and binder, which is key to efficient pigment utilization. This work employs analytical methods as analytical ultracentrifugation, confocal laser-scanning and transmission electron microscopy to demonstrate how to use the interactions between paint components to optimize the paint for superior light scattering and stability. The interplay of binder, polymeric additives and pigment is discussed and structure-property relationships are derived correlating pigment distribution and opacity application tests.
Duration: 21:08
Speaker: Dr. Immanuel Willerich
Company: BASF
Conference: European Coatings TiO2-Forum Berlin
Location: Berlin
Date: 10.01.2018