Optimisation of light scattering with engineered high performance minerals in decorative paint without TiO2

Titanium dioxide is the most commonly used white pigment in the paint industry. Its high refractive index relative to other paint components confers high light scattering pigment properties, providing high opacity. Due to on-going pressure on the TiO2 market and the fact it faces regulatory ruling in Europe, paint producers have constant interest in finding alternative ways to formulate paints with minimum amount of TiO2. This paper reports on the use of inorganic minerals to optimise light scattering in matt paints without TiO2. Here, we used a Design of Experiment approach to study the impact of various mineral factors, such as mineral size, shape, porosity and structure, on the light scattering and size of pores present in the paint film. We can therefore find optimum combinations of engineered minerals to achieve the highest light scattering efficiency in paint without TiO2 whilst also checking the effect on gloss and other paint properties.
Duration: 17:22
Speaker: Helen Dollani
Company: Imerys
Conference: ECS Conference 2019
Session: TiO2 & opacification
Location: Nürnberg
Date: 19.03.2019