One of a kind in the polyurethanes toolbox

Polyurethane systems have been know and used for decades since they were first discovered in the 1930?s. This chemistry is well established and used in many applications due to the high level of performance it brings about when it comes to protection and decoration of substrates. Polyisocyanates are a key part of these systems and formulators can choose today among a large variety of products that raw material suppliers have developed to meet evolving coatings? requirements throughout the years, specifically products enabling longer pot-life, faster drying, higher resistance and lower viscosity. But we know we are living in a world of compromise. For instance, higher functionality of the hardener can provide a better chemical resistance or a faster curing but this will be difficult to achieve without increasing the viscosity of the hardener. This is why processing aids are required to fine tune the properties. Vencorex has recently introduce a bifunctional polyisocyanate showing very low viscosity and atypical behavior. This product is extremely useful to adjust properties in applications like solvent-free 100% solids polyurethane or polyaspartic/polyurea coatings. The fact that it?s bifunctional is also of great interest as a building block for further chemistry like PUD?s or TPU?s. We will review some of the benefits of this polymeric isocyanate in the light of its specific structure.
Duration: 27:01
Speaker: Philippe Olier
Company: Vencorex
Conference: ECS Conference 2019
Session: Polyurethanes II
Location: Nürnberg
Date: 18.03.2019