Novel solventborne silicone organic hybrid for high performance isocyanate-free DTM and topcoat in PC and ACE Applications

For many years, polyurethane (PU) topcoats have been widely used as high performance and durable coatings in Protective Coatings (PC) and Agricultural, Construction and Earthmoving Equipment (ACE) applications. However, with new environmental and health regulation trends on occupational exposure limits for isocyanates, it has become critical to identify new technologies that can combine the high performance of PU without potential health, environmental, and regulatory concerns. Dow has developed a new silicone organic hybrid 2K coating system that combines the advantages of silicones (e.g. outstanding weather resistance, hydrophobicity) with the benefits of a solventborne organic binder to provide not only an exceptional weatherability, DTM corrosion resistance and improved coating application robustness, but also lower VOC and iso-free labelling. During this presentation, latest advances in this project and promising results will be shared in comparison to incumbent technologies.
Duration: 22:25
Speaker: Dr Erin Vogel
Company: Dow
Conference: European Coatings Show Conference 2021 virtual
Session: Polyurethanes
Date: 13.09.2021