Novel renewable alkyd resins based on imide structures

New bio-based building blocks were synthesized from amino acids like lysine, glycine and phenylalanine and from di- or tricarboxylic acids like succinic acid and citric acid, respectively. These building blocks were incorporated into alkyd resins by standard polycondensation chemistry and technology. The resulting alkyd resins were evaluated as coating resins, either by casting films from xylene or by making coatings from water-based alkyds after emulsification of the synthesized alkyd resins. The renewability content of the resins could easily be varied between 80 and ca. 95 wt %. The properties of the highly bio-based coatings look promising, some even outperforming standard commercial alkyd resins.
Duration: 42:35
Speaker: Cor Koning
Company: DSM Coating Resins
Conference: European Coatings Technology Forum
Location: Berlin
Date: 28.09.2017