NISO goes water

Two big trends are constantly driving innovation and product development in the coatings industry: the continuous trend to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) in all fields of organic coatings and the increasing concern about the negative health effects of harmful and toxic components in coating formulations. Solvent borne 2-pack binders based on isocyanate crosslinkers are the industrial standard technology for high performance ambient to low bake coatings on metal, wood and plastic substrates. The conversion to 2-pack waterborne systems has mainly been limited by the blistering stemming from the reaction of isocyanates with water. Hence a waterbased non isocyanate crosslinking system is presented which yields high performing coating formulations with very low VOC content. Due to the absence of isocyanate crosslinkers health hazards are minimized and no blistering is observed even at high film build.
Duration: 29:08
Speaker: Dr. Armin Temel
Company: Allnex
Conference: ECS Conference 2019
Session: Polyurethanes II
Location: Nürnberg
Date: 19.03.2019