Next generation styrene-acrylic binders

The use of a styrene-acrylic dispersion as binder in decorative wall paint has been the industry standard in many regions, thanks to its intrinsic high water resistance and outstanding pigment loading capability. Styrene-acrylic dispersions with a low minimum film formation temperature (MFFT) based on styrene and butyl acrylate monomers have made a good contribution to reduce the need for plasticisers or solvents for film formation, so that the finished paints meet EU volatile organic compound (VOC) emission standard - 2004/42/EC. While the approach has been accepted as the state of the art solution for many years, paint manufacturers are continuously searching for improvements to meet higher market requirements and ever-increasing regulatory standards.
Duration: 35:33
Speaker: Thomas Bernhofer
Company: Synthomer
Conference: EC live
Date: 27.11.2018