Next generation spacer technology for paints and coatings

The manufacturing of paints and coatings traditionally requires numerous dispersion additives for pigment stabilization. These additives, however, have negative side effects that come with large amounts of conventional dispersion additives, making the formulations highly complex and the product expensive. The challenge is to achieve pigment stabilization while drastically reducing the concentration of organic additives in the product. We developed an inorganic additive, a low-viscous dispersion of electrosterically stabilized nano barium sulfate. The particles move between pigments as spacers, physically preventing pigment particles from sedimentation and agglomeration. The use of our new additive leads to a significant reduction of conventional stabilization additives. The production process is simplified considerably. Depending on the application and pigment type, overall raw material and production costs were able to be reduced by up to 50%. The product can be used in binder-free and binder-containing aqueous formulations.
Duration: 17:31
Speaker: Dr. Michael Steiner
Company: Nanosaar
Conference: ECS Conference 2019
Session: Water-borne coatings
Location: Nürnberg
Date: 18.03.2019