New water-borne roof water-proofing coatings meeting CE marking certification requirements

The European Construction Products Regulation requires a construction product to have a CE marking if the product is placed on the market in the European Economic Area and it is covered either by a harmonized European product standard or a European Technical Assessment. Currently in the liquid applied roof waterproofing coating product category, the European Technical Approval Guideline (ETAG) 005 can be used to achieve the CE marking certification. This presentation discusses the certification process with focus on technical requirements and tests associated with ETAG 005 when assessing durability of the liquid applied roofing membranes or full roofing assemblies in roof waterproofing applications. In Europe, the dominating chemistry in the liquid applied roof waterproofing market is 1K solvent borne polyurethane for CE certified products. In this presentation we introduce a newly developed waterborne acrylic polyurethane polymer for liquid applied roof waterproofing applications. This new product passes the laboratory assessment of the liquid applied roof waterproofing durability standard for an expected useful life of 25 years according to the ETAG 005 requirements.
Duration: 21:27
Speaker: Dr. Jouko Vyörykkä
Company: Dow Europe
Conference: ECS Conference 2019
Session: Construction chemicals II
Location: Nürnberg
Date: 19.03.2019