New silicone additives for high performance antigraffiti polyurethanes application

The steady increase of the earth's population combined with the ongoing industrialization of emerging economies contributed to the mass migration from rural area to the big and compact habitats. The urbanization process is complex and has many challenges. One of such challenges is how to provide cost-efficient infrastructural elements capable of sustaining long-term service life? Herewith, organosilicone chemistries offer scientists and engineers a unique opportunity to design multiple innovative new materials with smart functions utility. In the current paper we will demonstrate how new generation silicone-modified hybrid materials can be used to improve antigraffiti release properties of conventional polyurethane coating systems. Several silicone technologies will be evaluated using a number of test protocols including: mechanical integrity and chemical resistance characterization, release properties, surface tension and microstructural analysis. Results of the study can help deriving certain general considerations regarding the antigraffiti release properties of silicones as well as provide some valuable practical advice for composite and coating formulators.
Duration: 24:15
Speaker: Dr Dmitry Chernyshov
Company: Momentive Performance Materials
Conference: European Coatings Show 2023
Date: 28.03.2023