New online analysis enables automatic viscosity adjustment

In a time when all industries are looking to optimize through full automation, the manual procedures involved in adjusting the viscosity of paints and coatings stand out as an obvious point of further automation. Today, up to half of all paint batches need viscosity adjustment at least one time, before they are within specification limits and can be packed. The online rheometer, RheoStream® from Fluidan can measure the viscosity in real time in the factory, attached to a mixing tank or storage tank. With real time viscosity measurement, it is possible to automate the viscosity adjustment, increasing "first-time-right", saving time, resources and capacity. The presentation will show examples of laboratory and factory testing of RheoStream, and it will discuss the practical implementation of this new technology.
Duration: 25:47
Speaker: Anders Østergard
Company: Fluidan
Conference: EC Conference Automation
Location: Esslingen
Date: 22.06.2022