New non-isocyanate carbamate acrylic monomers for latex and UV-curable coating technologies

A series of new urethane methacrylate (UMA) monomers were synthesized with the reaction of the ethylene carbonate and aliphatic amines, followed by the reaction with the methacrylic anhydride. Difunctional Urethane methacrylate reactant diluents were prepared for UV-curable coatings and formulated with a model acrylated oligoester. The viscosity before curing and the coatings properties after curing were evaluated. Monofunctional methacrylate carbamate monomers were used to prepare urethane functional latexes with methyl methacrylate (MMA) and butyl acrylate (BA). The behavior of the UMA monomers in emulsion polymerization and the effect of the urethane functional monomers on the thermal stability, minimum film formation temperature (MFFT) and mechanical properties were studied. In comparison with the control sample poly(MMA/BA), the urethane functionality showed significant improvements in mechanical properties of poly(MMA/BA/HEM) bearing similar Tg, i.e. higher tensile modulus, tensile strength and elongationat-break.
Duration: 20:49
Speaker: Marc Soucek
Company: University of Akron
Conference: European Coatings Show Conference
Session: Novel materials
Location: Nürnberg
Date: 04.04.2017