New generation corrosion control coating technology with high Crosslink Density and nano-reactive materials

Our research has led to the development of single component polymeric penetrant which can be applied with or without surface preparation over clean or lightly corroded steel/aluminum (no sand blasting or chemical treatment needed). Coating contains unique Nano-sized reactive materials which first penetrate the rust and scale to its morphological depth and then migrate to the non-corroded metal surface. Once the particles penetrate to metal surface, they polymerize and completely encapsulate and arrest the rust by forming a highly crosslinked network that is impervious to moisture and corrosive salts. The coating forms a long-lasting chemical and physical bond with base metal. Results over cleaned pretreated steel surfaces can exceed 9,000-hour salt spray with no blisters or scribe creep when top coated. This polymeric penetrant can be used in refineries or offshore applications in aggressive corrosive atmosphere at 1/3rd dry film thickness of coatings currently used in the industry.
Duration: 33:58
Speaker: Atman Fozdar
Company: Chemical Dynamics LLC
Conference: EC Live
Date: 23.07.2019