New dibenzoates for use in automotive plastisol sealants and underbody coatings

In the manufacture of automobiles significant amounts of plastisol sealants and undercoatings are utilized which provides protection to the parts on the underside and seams of a vehicle from corrosion and mechanical damage. Protective underbody coatings must be quickly applied but stay on the underbody of the car without running or dripping prior to cure. In addition, there has been a need for these coatings to be able to fuse quickly and at lower temperatures to accommodate automotive cure temperatures. In the case of seam sealants the same cure requirements are needed and additional low migration to coatings may also be a requirement. This paper will present data on new benzoate-based plasticizers and polymeric plasticizers that impart fast fusion at lower temperatures compared to general purpose vinyl plasticizers and in the case of the polymerics also good migration resistance.
Duration: 25:47
Speaker: William Arendt
Company: Emerald Kalama Chemical
Conference: European Coatings CONFERENCE - Automotive coatings
Location: Düsseldorf
Date: 24.09.2015