New biobased and sustainable UV-cured coatings from the LIFE-Biopaint project

LIFE-Biopaint was funded by LIFE, the EU program dedicated to fostering the most promising innovations with positive impact on the environment, to introduce novel biorenewable coatings for solventless UV applications characterized by very low variability and overall environmental impact. In order to overcome the variability of natural raw materials, particularly some new biorenewable components for these resins, a new paint production approach is being piloted at IVM's Parona integrated plant. Using the most advanced technologies available, such pilot line is fully automated is closed circuit releases no emissions minimizes cleaning solvent use optimizes dispersion via rheological control controls quantities by multiply-sized additions and dual weighing yields no batch-to-batch variability and has the lowest environmental impact for solventless UV products (by LCA). The presentation illustrates process and product innovations, details properties and advantages of the coating products obtained, and provides examples of the first applications in wood and plastic coating."
Duration: 18:03
Speaker: Dr Marcello Vitale
Company: IVM Chemicals
Conference: European Coatings Show Conference 2021 virtual
Session: Bio-based coatings
Date: 13.09.2021