New applications for silane modified polymers in metal, wood and glass coatings

Silane terminated polymers (STP's) are established in Sealants, Adhesives & Paints applications for many years. Further developments of STP's with higher crosslinking density leading to higher hardness and chemical resistance are not only used for 1K moisture curing structural adhesives but opened the door for new applications like floor coatings. A new generation of such higher functional Silane Modified Polymers has been evaluated regarding their use properties for applications on glass, different metals and wood types. Based on those results structure-property relations have been identified, which help to explain and to predict application properties of SMP-resins for different coatings applications. Guide formulations for 1K solvent-free, fast curing metal primer, high gloss metal top coat, clear coat for glass as well as primer & clear coat for wood have been developed with excellent optical properties (color enhancement), adhesion onto all those substrates and sandability.
Duration: 28:51
Speaker: Dr Joerg Schmitz
Company: IMCD
Conference: European Coatings Show Conference 2021 virtual
Session: Protective coatings II
Date: 13.09.2021