Maximizing white pigment efficiency with a new class of binders

The hiding of conventionally formulated waterborne paints depends on a complex set of factors including the level of TiO2, the type and levels of extenders, and the interactions of the polymer and pigment particles with other paint additives. The most uniform distribution of the white pigment particles in the paint film leads to an optimal opacity, resulting from enhanced scattering efficiency of the TiO2. A new range of acrylic binders has been designed to associate to TiO2 particles to specifically space them in the wet and dry stages to boost hiding efficiency. TiO2 use levels in paints based on these innovative binders can be reduced by up to 20% while maintaining the opacity and tinting strength of the original coating, and reducing formulation cost.
Duration: 26:20
Speaker: Dr. Anne Koller
Company: The Dow Chemical Company
Conference: European Coatings TiO2-Forum Berlin
Location: Berlin
Date: 10.01.2018