Laboratory automation - high sample throughput and accuracy - a contradiction in terms?

Research and development is in the process of being transformed towards automation and digitization. The range of possibilities is increasing, as is the desire for high sample throughput. This is particularly pronounced in the area of routine work. It doesn't matter whether we are looking at product development or production monitoring, i.e. classic quality control. The common requirement is high, unattended sample throughput. Call it simply: "Push button and walk away." Sounds good. Is it good too? Yes! A sufficiently high level of accuracy and reproducibility is required. If the requirements and processes for laboratory automation are clearly defined, the integrated hardware can generate a true symphony of science through the orchestrating software. Research results on the gravimetric overhead dispensing of liquid and highly viscous, but also powdery products are presented and discussed in the interplay of accuracy and dispensing speed as well as reproducibility.
Duration: 25:28
Speaker: Detlef Gysau
Company: Chemspeed
Conference: EC Conference Automation
Location: Esslingen
Date: 22.06.2022