"Innovative coatings need innovative additives" - Additive selection for water borne UV field coatings

Coating and UV-curing on site, mentioned in the technical literature as field application is an emerging, interesting technology mainly for floor coatings. It opens new possibilities for high wearing, environmental-friendly coatings, cured by UV light outside of factories, and it enables the usage of the coated areas immediately after the curing process, saving costs and time. For wooden floors, the applicator prefers waterborne UV-curable coatings. Beside the adequate curing equipment an appropriate formulation is essential for a successful application. Taylor-made additives significantly improve appearance and mechanical resistance of the coated wooden surfaces. Spontaneous defoamers, effective silicone additives for substrate wetting, leveling and waxes to achieve various surface effects are the main topics of this presentation.
Duration: 29:49
Speaker: Magdalena Bodi
Company: Byk-Chemie
Conference: European Coatings CONFERENCE - "Parquet and furniture coatings"
Location: Düsseldorf
Date: 04.02.2014