How to steer sustainability? - From hands-on-experience to future concepts

Sustainable developments without compromising the resources of future generations are needed. Evonik Coating Additives is experienced in translating customer needs into innovative solutions for sustainable and resource-efficient coatings, with adapted services and products. For many end consumer markets there is growing interest in sustainable products - this is also true for coatings such as e.g. architectural paints. A positive impact on sustainability goals can be achieved by optimizing processes either in more efficiently formulating the paints or by using chemistries that have a more favorable carbon footprint than established technologies. However, besides meeting challenging regulatory demands with regards to labeling and VOC regulations, this trend also includes the need of products formulated with bio-based raw materials. There already are options for bio-based additives and specialty binders including established chemistries - but new, untapped structures from research projects are also explored for successfully formulating paints. Test results are shown for different kinds of applications including pigment concentrates & wall paints. High Throughput Equipment might help to carry out fast assessment of new samples & technologies in comparison to existing products. In addition, a potential setup how to assess and steer research & development activities is discussed.
Duration: 30:13
Speaker: Tim Frederic
Company: Evonik
Conference: EC TechForum Bio-based Coatings