How to benefit from the new BPR and differentiate your paint with biocidal properties

Biocidal properties are generally seen as product enhancements and consumer benefits with respect to hygiene. For antimicrobial coating suppliers, these benefits justify higher selling prices compared to products that have not been treated with biocides. The new BPR are driving the industry towards the development of more environmentally safe biocides. The environmental impact of the leachable biocides from faþade coatings is one of the examples which has attracted increased attention in recent years, while the microbial resistance to these biocides is an another major challenge. One result of this regulatory review program is that the number of active substances approved for used in biocides in Europe is decreasing. These changes have an enormous impact on the paint formulations, but at the same time bring opportunities for new innovations and product differentiation.
Duration: 18:02
Speaker: Dr. Victoria Osborne
Company: Croda
Conference: European Coatings Show Conference 2017 (ECS Conference)
Session: Session 11: Anti-microbial coatings
Location: Nürnberg
Date: 03.04.2017