How to automate non-value-added activities in the P&C development process?

1. What are the most common challenges in the P/C industry: sustainability, regulatory and ecolabel compliance, product environmental footprint, price performance, availability of materials, reformulation,... 2. How to streamline and automate these processes and reduce the non-value-added activities? 3. In the chemical industry, formulators combine various ingredients from multiple suppliers to create a new product. 4. The output data of the supplier represents vital input data for the next company in the supply chain. 5. Paints & coatings development process in a nutshell 6. Imagine a 1 million raw materials database for the P&C industry, containing everything from parameters, properties, and complete composition information. Everything. All the data. 7. How would such a database impact your business? How would it affect the formulation process? 8. What are the minimum requirements to eliminate non-value-added activities and reduce the process throughput time by 48% 9. Data-information-knowledge --> automation; microservices architecture! 10. Fusion of regulatory and R&D activities/data 11. Result: Full automation 12. Outlook on the future
Duration: 22:38
Speaker: Bojan Buinac
Company: Bengs Consulting
Conference: EC Conference Automation
Location: Esslingen
Date: 22.06.2022