Hidden properties of titanium dioxide pigments in coating formulations

Whilst many formulators focus on the opacity, colour, undertone, gloss and durability that can be achieved from a given TiO2 grade, there are many other aspects of TiO2 that can either enhance or detract from the desired end coating application. Properties, such as zeta potential, specific surface area, oil absorption, and sensitivity to salts in water, influence how the TiO2 particles interact with the components of the formulation, and therefore determine whether or not a grade is suitable for use in application. In this paper we will explore these aspects of TiO2 functionality, drawing on examples and case studies of how TiO2 surface chemistry and other functional additives such as barium sulphate, zinc sulphide and lithopone can impact on the end formulation.
Duration: 23:46
Speaker: Dr. Steve Ashdown
Company: Vemator Materials
Conference: ECS Conference 2019
Session: TiO2 & opacification
Location: Nürnberg
Date: 19.03.2019