Green monomers for coating manufacturing

Application of renewable resources for material manufacturing instead of extended use of limited fossil resources depicts one principle of Green Chemistry. Another principle focuses on application of non-hazardous compounds. Furthermore, monomers and binders are important constituents in coatings. Therefore, substitution of traditional monomers or binders by bio-based non-hazardous materials may contribute to save fossil resources for future generations. Some renewable materials comprise already double bonds as structural elements although they are usually not efficient in polymerization. Functionalization of the bio-based methyl oleate with (meth)acrylate groups results in new monomers that are also interesting for coatings. Another type of methacrylate functionalized bio-based monomer comprises an aromatic structure. The latter can be also manufactured on a synthetic pathway. This provides a broader basis for raw materials useful for the manufacturing of coatings. The bio-based monomers will have a big impact for the development of green coatings in the future.
Duration: 21:38
Speaker: Prof Veronika Strehmel
Company: University of Applied Sciences
Conference: European Coatings Show Conference 2021 virtual
Session: Bio-based coatings
Date: 13.09.2021