Functional minerals - improvement of ecological and price performance of paints and coatings

Mineral Fillers based on Calcium Carbonate have been well established in paints and coatings for many decades. However new developments in all three categories, ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC), precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) and Modified Calcium Carbonate (MCC) offer new opportunities to the formulators of Paints & Coatings to improve both, price-performance and the ecological footprint, of their formulations. This presentation provides examples of how Ultrafine Ground Calcium Carbonate (UFGCC), special, colloidal PCC and specially designed MCC grades help to optimize decorative emulsion paint formulations. The optimization of Titanium Dioxide usage is one of the main drivers for these developments. Furthermore, a holistic view including the production process of the respective paints is needed to fully benefit from all advantages that these mineral specialties.
Duration: 26:43
Speaker: Dennis Werner
Company: Omya
Conference: European Coatings TiO2-Forum berlin
Location: Berlin
Date: 10.01.2018