Functional coatings for corrosion protection: Recent challenges

Advanced coatings combining smart self-healing functionalities for corrosion protection of metallic parts are crucial for the transportation sector and have been evolving rapidly in the last decades. This presentation overviews the most recent I&D trends on the development of smart composite coatings, based on the use of stimuli-responsive nanocontainers (organic, hybrid and inorganic), for corrosion protection of metallic parts. The presentation critically reviews the state-of-art on smart self-healing coatings for corrosion protection, highlights the most recent achievements and identifies the main challenges.
Duration: 35:19
Speaker: Dr. Fátima Montemor
Company: University Lisbon
Conference: European Coatings CONFERENCE - Automotive coatings
Location: Düsseldorf
Date: 24.09.2015