Explosion risk in hybrid mixtures - A serious problem in lacquer, paint and printing ink production

Newest scientific research has shown that common risk assessments for hybrid mixtures of inflammable vapors and combustible dust are completely wrong. The main parameters limiting save conditions are Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE), Minimum Ignition Temperature (MIT), Lower Explosion Limit (LOL) and Limiting Oxygen Concentration (LOC). These parameters - available in MSDS sheets for liquids and powders - are not valid in hybrid mixtures. Their levels are going down tremendously - which causes an increased risk of severe explosions. Combustible powders like organic pigments, resins, thickeners, coated silica etc are often added on top of inflammable liquids. This always creates critical hybrid mixtures. Pouring powder into such a hybrid zone or mixing low conductive liquid could cause ignitions, by static electricity. Every rotating tool or sensor can be a potential source of ignition. The presentation summarizes all available scientific results and demonstrates methods to prevent from that risk completely.
Duration: 24:55
Speaker: Dr Hans-Joachim Jacob
Company: Ystral
Conference: European Coatings Show Conference 2021 virtual
Session: Printing inks
Date: 12.09.2021