Enhancing the durability of acrylic and alkyd water-borne decorative coatings: a novel metal-free alternative for oxidative drying?

Strict regulations on the VOC emissions of coatings and paints with highest demand by volume, i.e. exterior architectural coatings and decorative alkyds; are driving the research and development focus toward low and zero VOC formulations. Furthermore, low durability for outdoor applications is one of the main problems to tackle in the exterior decorative and architectural coatings and paints with environmentally friendlier formulations as it has hindered the growth of the waterborne low and zero VOC products. We are currently investigating a complementary drying technology that could be potentially be used with commercially available waterborne alkyd and acrylic dispersions to improve significantly the durability of environmentally friendly paint and coatings for outdoor use. One of the most attractive characteristics of this novel technology of complementary drying is that it could be a metal -free alternative for oxidative drying of alkyd decorative dispersions. Additionally, the use of this complementary drying in water-borne acrylics increases the possible applications of this technology to other markets for acrylic dispersions such as automotive refinishes, industrial coatings, etc.
Duration: 21:58
Speaker: Dr. Heidi Perez Hernandez
Company: CoRi- Coatings Research Institute
Conference: Future Dialogue
Location: Berlin
Date: 22.11.2017