Easy dismantling of bonded joints and time efficient stripping of coatings

Adhesives and coating are nowadays widely used in numerous industries like automotive, aerospace, avionics, textile, building or microelectronics. A strong effort has been achieved so far to enhance the level of adherence and durability of assemblies and in this particular case, a new challenge appears: the easy dismantling of bonded joints as well as time efficient stripping of coatings. This results from industrial constrains like maintenance, repair or recycling needs. The process developed and patented by Rescoll offers a solution to the disassembling of structural bonds and stripping of coatings. Based on the combined use of specific additives and binders formulations (adhesives and primers), this technology allows the drastic decrease of the bonding performance upon thermal triggering and dismantling in a very short time, with limited impact on process and service life. Within European H2020 project DECOAT, RESCOLL applied its technology for different case studies, including automotive and textile.
Duration: 23:23
Speaker: Dr Maxime Olive
Company: Rescoll
Conference: European Coatings Show Conference 2021 virtual
Session: Project DECOAT
Date: 13.09.2021