Dispersible Polymer Powders Based on VAE for Biocide-Free Wall Paints

Modern wall paint formulations are mostly based on liquid organic binders. Water-based formulations have many obvious disadvantages. For instance, water creates a favorable environment for bacteria, microbes or fungi to develop and propagate. That's why wall paints often contain biocides, which increase in-can stability, but face growing regulatory pressure. In addition, consumer awareness around sustainable and low-emission end products is on the rise. The new VAE dispersible polymer powder (DPP) product line from WACKER offers a new alternative: organic polymer binders in dry form for powder-based wall paints. These biocide-free paints can simply be mixed with water as needed just before use. Small quantities for renovations can be stirred by hand in a few minutes, while larger amounts can be prepared just as quickly with a paint mixer. The new VAE DPPs have a broad formulation range and enable individual adjustment of quality levels and color shades. With its new VAE DPPs, WACKER is making its mark in terms of sustainability and contributing toward avoiding the wastage reported by the German Paint and Printing Inks Industry Association - 11 million buckets of wall paint annually.
Duration: 39:14
Speaker: Dr Stefan Baueregger
Company: Wacker
Conference: EC WebForum Preservation
Date: 27.04.2021