Different cross-linking strategies: selfcrosslinking acrylic for 1K and 2K waterborne woodcoatings

Waterborne systems are being established as an alternative to traditional systems in the market, having 2K waterborne systems clearly demonstrated that the high level of the traditional solventborne standards is nowadays achievable. We have developed a new OH functional self-crosslinking acrylic dispersion that allows both the formulation of 1K as well as 2K systems, offering maximal flexibility to the coating formulator and industrial user. Being a primary dispersion, it exhibits fast drying and thus fast sandability and blocking. The self-crosslinking mechanism present in its structure provides enough resistance to the polymer to be able to reach a satisfactory level of performance in 1K formulation. The addition of an anionic, hydrophilised polyisocyanate, can upgrade the level profile of the coating to the higher performance of 2K polyurethane systems, particularly in terms of chemical resistance. Long pot life and hand mixability simplifies use in 2K systems. The new product is particularly suitable for waterborne wood coatings when performance and versatility matter.
Duration: 26:52
Speaker: Dr. Eva Tejada
Company: Bayer MaterialScience
Conference: European Coatings CONFERENCE - "Parquet and furniture coatings"
Location: Düsseldorf
Date: 04.02.2014