Developments in hygienic coatings

The talk will give an overview of the developments of antimicrobial technologies in CREST (DIT) over the last ten years and their commercial exploitation. CREST will introduce both physical and chemical coating routes involving inorganic and hybrid materials for a range of applications. Some of these have been exploited through a spin-out company (Kastus) and are planned to be in production during the coming year. Of particular interest is the use of such coating in healthcare facilities where acquired infections (HAI) are posing serious threats to compromised patients. The talk will outline where antimicrobial technologies can work synergistically with good cleaning practise to ensure patients are given every chance to recover from any health threats.
Duration: 33:10
Speaker: Dr. Brendan Duffy
Company: Dublin Insitute of Technology
Conference: Future Dialogue
Location: Berlin
Date: 22.11.2017